Tenure Track Faculty

Procedures for Faculty Candidates

For a Fall 2019 start – the deadline for submitting requests for faculty hires to the College Executive Committee is April 1, 2019.  This deadline is necessary to comply with AAU guidelines stating that any offer to a faculty member moving from a teaching position at another university after April 30th for a fall start will require the approval of the provost at the candidate’s university before making the offer.  We have had more than one instance where this approval has not been straightforward. The deadline for response from the candidate is June 1, 2019.

For a Winter 2020 start -The deadline for submission to the ADAA office is May 17, 2019.  Even with the irregular Executive Committee schedule in June, this should allow a response date by June 30th, the end of our FY.  Except with prior approval, later submissions must be for a start in Fall 2019, or later, and will not be considered by the College Executive Committee until Fall 2019.