Dual Career Visits

If the partner plans to visit, responsibilities for arranging the visit are shared by the Department and the Director of Dual Career Services. 

The Dual Career Director will:

  • Contact sources and potential employers on behalf of the partner and, where appropriate, confirm their willingness to meet with the partner, establish availability and explain the purpose of the meeting (informational, job interview, etc.); and
  • Provide names and contact information of individuals with whom the partner will meet during the visit to the department and introduce the departmental contact to these individuals for future correspondence regarding logistics and planning.

The department is then responsible for:

  • Scheduling appointments and coordinating these appointments with events that both the partner and recruit will attend together;
  • Arranging logistics including transportation to and from Ann Arbor, accommodations and transportation during the visit between appointments; and
  • Preparing a separate partner itinerary and sending a copy of itinerary and confirmation emails to all appointment contacts.