Lecturer III Positions

1.   Position Request

If the Department chair identifies a continuing curricular need that cannot be met with the existing faculty cohort or other College PRS or regular staff, s/he may seek approval for a Lecturer III position from the Executive Committee.  Requests for Lecturer III positions requiring college support should be made during the annual budget process.  If a department identifies a need and intends to support the position with departmental funds or other internal resources, a request may be made off cycle through a memo for consideration by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs noting the departmental need and showing the plan for a minimum of 3 years of continuous support for the position.

It is important to note that Lecturer III positions are similar to tenure track faculty positions in that when the Lecturer leaves this position, the position reverts back to the College and must be reapplied for through the position request channels.

2.   Department completes posting and advertising approval process.

3.   Department organizes campus visit.

One Internal Evaluator should be scheduled, by the department, to either interview the candidate or to attend the guest lecture presented by the candidate.  The internal Evaluator may be any tenured or tenure-track professor who is familiar with the teaching obligations of the position to be filled.  This evaluation is extremely important, as the CoE Executive Committee takes it under serious consideration in its decision to grant the department permission to make a position offer to the candidate.  This written evaluation is to be provided as part of the hiring dossier.

4.   Department approves final candidate for position.


5.   Department submits candidate dossier to Executive Committee for hire

The dossier must include the following items:

  • Cover letter from chair: The letter should include a) description of the appointment in the context of the specific instructional needs of the department; b) substantive description of candidate’s prior experience and significant contributions to teaching; and c) a balanced summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the case. This letter should address any negative comments in internal letters.
  • Candidate’s curriculum vitae
  • Evidence of teaching experience/performance and Teaching Statement
  • DEI Statement

In addition:

For External Candidates:

  • Three external letters of recommendation from reviewers are required. The letters should be truly evaluative. Letters from the candidate’s advisor or major collaborators are acceptable. However, we discourage letters from reviewers having a personal relationship with the candidate
  • One internal letter of evaluation (noted in [3] above) as evidence of the Department’s evaluation of the candidate.

For Internal Candidates (those that have held Lecturer appointments in CoE within the past 3 years):

  • Two internal letters of evaluation as evidence of the Department’s evaluation of the candidate.
  • Four student letters (can be undergraduate or graduate students) as evidence of students’ evaluation of the candidate.


6.   Executive Committee considers request for hire, ADAA office notifies department of outcome.

7.   If approved, department submits draft offer letter to ADAA office for approval.

8.   Once approved, department sends letter to candidate and copies ADAA.

9.   If candidate accepts, department sends an original signed letter to ADAA and begins employment paperwork for RPM-HR.