Dean’s Cabinet

Name Appointment Email Phone Position
Alec Gallimore Dean [email protected] 647-7010 Chair
Michael Wellman Associate Dean for Academic Affairs [email protected] 647-7020 Member
Steve Ceccio Associate Dean for Research [email protected] 647-7030 Member
Mary-Ann Mycek Associate Dean for Graduate and Professional Education [email protected] 647-6851 Member
Joanna Millunchick Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education [email protected] 647-7150 Member
Debbie Mero Senior Executive Director, Resource Planning and Management [email protected] 647-7067 Member
Jennifer Judge Hensel Executive Director, Communications and Marketing [email protected] 647-7085 Member
Jeanne Murabito Executive Director, Student Affairs [email protected] 647-7098 Member
Lyonel Milton Managing Director, Center for Engineering Diversity and Outreach [email protected] 647-7120 Member
Dan Maletta Executive Director, Information Technology [email protected] 936-3565 Member
Mike Drake Executive Director, Research; Interim Executive Director, Advancement [email protected] 647-7044 Member
Sara Pozzi Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion [email protected] 615-4970 Member
Jon Kinsey Chief of Staff [email protected] 647-7099 Member
Byron Roberts Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Director of Advancement [email protected] 647-7034 Member