New Lecturers Orientation

The first New Lecturers’ Orientation was held Tuesday, October 2, 2007 from noon to 5 pm.  Below are downloadable files containing the presentations made during orientation.

Undergraduate Education in the College of Engineering

James P. Holloway, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Engineering Student Services

Jeanne Murabito, Executive Director for Student Affairs

Information Technology in the College of Engineering

Paul M. Killey, Executive Director of Information Technology

Phil Treib, Director of Instructional Technology

CRLT North Services for New Faculty

Cindy Finelli, Director of the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching – North

Academic Integrity in the College of Engineering

Joshua Jackson, President of Engineering Honor Council

Navigating the Lecturer Track

Lorelle Meadows

Any questions or difficulty accessing these files should be directed to Jennifer Piper, Managing Director for Academic Affairs, [email protected] or 647-7035.