3-month Summer Support

The College permits faculty members to fund two months of summer salary from externally sponsored grants without the need for special approval.  Summer appointments extending beyond two months require Department and College approval.

A maximum of one summer month is permitted on special funding sources.  A brief work proposal for appointments from these funds must be approved by the Chair and submitted with the appointment paperwork.  The proposal should outline the proposed work and outcome as well as a brief statement of why special funds, and not regular funds, are being used.  Regular funds include sponsored research grants or departmental accounts for instructional or administrative activities.

If a faculty member funds two and a half months of summer salary from externally sponsored research, s/he may be permitted to fund an additional half month of summer salary from his/her discretionary accounts, provided that all applicable conditions for an appointment for an additional half month are met that include, but are not limited to, meeting department offset and student support requirements; an appropriate work expectation for the duration and pay associated with the appointment is present; and the Department Chair and Dean’s approval has been obtained based on the Chair’s and Dean’s judgment that the expenditure on salary is the best use of the faculty research account under the particular circumstances.


1.  Faculty members should fill out the form and submit it to the department chair for completion and approval.

2.  Unit administrators then prepare the PAR in Wolverine Access for this appointment change.

3.  The department should include the signed, original Summer Support Form as an attachment to the PAR and add Jennifer Piper as an approver to the PAR transaction.

Download the Three Month Summer Appointment Form as a fillable PDF.

See also the SPG Rules on Summer Support at this link as well as the Provosts Policy Statement on the Use of Research and Discretionary Accounts.