Lecturers Annual Report

This Annual Report represents the Colleges commitment to excellence in engineering education and is additionally considered a best practice in instructional faculty development and growth. In addition, this process will satisfy the requirements of the LEO Agreement with respect to the Annual Report and the Interim Evaluation (see Article XIX) and as such is required of all lecturers including adjunct and intermittent titles.

The Annual Report process parallels other evaluations processes for personnel of the college and provides for annual feedback from the Lecturer’s supervisor regarding performance. The structure of the form is designed to parallel the materials that are necessarily developed as part of the Major Review, thus streamlining data gathering for that activity. In addition, the Annual Reports should be included in the materials consulted as part of the Major Review process.

The annual report process began with Lecturers employed during the Fall semester 2007. The reviewer is either the Lecturers department chair or a cognate faculty member appointed by the chair that oversees the instructional responsibilities of the Lecturer. The due dates for the annual report are provided on the form. Please note that if appointed only during the fall semester, the form must be completed by the end of February. Those with both fall and winter or winter only appointments must complete their form by the end of May.

Lecturers currently undergoing a Major Review or Continuing Renewal Review need not complete the Annual Report.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact either your department chair or Jennifer Piper, Managing Director for Academic Affairs for the College of Engineering.